6 Ways of Controlling Stress

Every day we live with stress. However, how do we react to daily stress?

For some people, stress can cause them irritable, easily angered, or unable to concentrate while working on assignment. Some are having trouble sleeping, even some that impact on the pattern of unhealthy eating.

Reactions to deal with stress determines its effect on our lives. The good news, we can manage stress to avoid an adverse impact on our lives. Here are 6 tips to manage stress.

1. Determine the cause of stress

Trying to determine the cause of stress will make it easier to minimize its impact. Stress can be caused by various things such as feeling tired, bored, or irritable.

2. sharing the load

Talk about stress experienced on a friend, family member, or a psychologist if perceived stress levels are too high. Discuss stress will help ease the burden. And should avoid blaming or accusing others for your mental health.

3. Have "me time"

Before the move back, use some time to be alone. Discover the healing power of self and emotions.

4. Determine the limit

Feel free to say no before making obligations. Life requires balance, work and family. Do not let the time-consuming work obligations with family so stressful.

5. Set of breath

Often times when anxious or upset, breathing becomes shallow and irregular. Then catch your breath can make the mind more relaxed and peaceful. Inhale deeply, hold the count of five, and exhale slowly. Repeat several times each day.

6. sport

Exercise can increase the secretion of endorphins, chemicals in the brain that creates a feeling of peace. Research has shown that exercise can also boost your confidence and reduce tensions.

Source: Detik