Be aware of the Hidden Salt in The Food

Salt became one of the substances that need to watch out for excessive consumption often thus increasing the risk of hypertension and heart disease. Those who already have hypertension usually consciously sought to limit salt in foods, but often less aware with "hidden salt."

Hidden salt usually found on any kind of food or herbs that taste salty such as salted fish, fish paste, tauco, soy sauce or broth blocks. Hidden salts can also be present in other products such as, tomato sauce, sausage or electrolyte drinks.

Posed distinct salty taste with salt. hidden salt as there is in the back of the tongue. The salty taste is still felt even though the food is swallowed.

"Salty taste on the course to watch out for hidden salt. Gynecology salts will affect the daily salt intake," said obesity consultant Dr. Grace Judio-Kahl, MSc in Jakarta, Wednesday (26/05/2013).

To be aware of the salt is not actually taste salty, but the content of sodium or sodium. Salt in the sense that we know it consists of daily sodium and 40 percent chloride ions remaining.

Salt intake, she continued, should not be more than 5 grams a day. This size is equivalent to approximately one teaspoon.

Grace admitted, it is difficult to measure the intake of salt each day. This is because it is not easy to calculate the salt content of all who eat or drink.

Therefore, Grace advised to read the content of the salt on the packaging, on processed food. He also suggested to the extent possible to reduce the sensation of salty food.

"The important thing is the taste of salt, do not be too sharp. Due actually on seasoning or ingredient dish, existing salt content," said Grace.

For example, when you are using soy sauce should not need to add salt in cooking.