Beach, The Best Place to Burn Fat?

Exercising at outdoors is more likely to benefit, among others, you could breathe fresh air, the scenery is not monotonous, and can be exposed to sunlight. But, When is the best outdoor sports?

According to researchers from Italy, running on the beach is probably the most outdoor sports in terms of burning fat.

The researchers asked the football players to run fast on some surfaces, such as sand, grass and artificial turf. It turns out, running in the sand to make runners expend energy so you burn more calories.

Running in the sand also has the effect of a lower impact to the joints.

"When running in the sand, feet we will go into the sand. This makes the leg muscles work harder. Besides sand also absorb virtually all the effort expended feet, compared to hard surfaces such as grass or concrete," said chairman researcher Paolo Gaudino.

So, the next time you are to the beach, do not just sit on the edge of it, but take advantage of this opportunity to burn more fat.