Healthy Eating Tips For Traveling

When preparing holiday event, usually the only priority trouble ticket and accommodation but forget about food. Consequently while vacationing diet program is usually a mess.

"In fact, a healthy diet can we evade. Traveling with adequate preparation while still eating healthy is not impossible," said Jacqueline Banks, holistic health expert.

Want to know the preparations? The following tips

1. Healthy food shopping

When the goal is to make healthy snacks for immediate expenditure. Choose snack size small so easy to store in bags or pockets.

Several types of healthy snacks are recommended include nuts, dried fruit, or fresh fruit from the local market.

2. Eat before air travel

Before you get on a plane or bus, eat first. Better to choose a protein that the stomach is full, so you are not tempted to consume snack that has high calorie.

3. Bring lunch for a road trip

It would not hurt to buy a small cooler box for travel by car. "Cooler box filled with fruits and vegetables will prevent traveler visiting fast food outlets ready," said Jacqueline.

If you choose the sandwich as the journey, be sure to choose whole grain bread or can be wrapped in lettuce. Choose a nitrate-free meats.

Processed own little cake, could also be a provision for the health friendly way. When the conditions are very hungry in POM gasoline, should choose a high protein snack such as nuts, dried fruit, or bananas.

4. Choose healthy menu in the restaurant when

While traveling of course we want to satisfy ourselves, including the matter of food. But we satisfy ourselves difficult time going back to its original healthy lifestyles.

At the time, choose foods that are baked, steamed, or boiled for a protein source. Special to choose the steamed vegetables, so it is not submerged in vegetable oil

5. Choose a healthy breakfast menu at the hotel

Menu breakfast hotels are usually high in sugar and carbohydrates, such as pancakes or cereal. Jacqueline suggested to choose protein-rich breakfast such as eggs and vegetable omelets content.

"If possible, ask the hotel clerk to empty the fridge or mini-bar, so that we can fill yourself with fruit," said Jacqueline.