5 Tips to Streamlining the Delivery

Approaching the time of delivery, pregnant women must have felt anxious and a little fear of painful labor. Dr Ardiansjah Dara, SpOG, from MRCCC Siloam Semanggi, reveals that this fear is because a lot of scary stories about childbirth, such as bleeding, difficult baby out, and others.

"And this fear will only lead to labor even more difficult. Maternal emotion and fear factor will reduce the energy and spirit in labor," said the man who called Dr. Dara's current labor seminar in Jakarta, some time ago.

To help induce labor, Dr. Dara has some tips that can be practiced by pregnant women.

1. Many moves
Even if the stomach is large and heavy, it does not mean you are so lazy to move. Precisely at 37 weeks into pregnancy already over, you have to move a lot more, such as roads. When approaching the birth, the baby will move into the mother's pelvis, thereby triggering contractions quite often during the morning and afternoon.

"This is why, you have to move, to help the baby move freely while reducing the pain felt by the mother. If mostly sitting or bed, it feels pain," he explained.

2. Self suggestion
Each person has their own experience of pregnancy, then you can not equate all conditions. That happen to other people is not necessarily happen to you. You should be able to recognize your own type of pregnancy. Therefore, give yourself positive suggestions that pregnancy so much fun. You can also find friends who speak positively, for example pregnant women join the community, talk to your mother or sister, or with your gynecologist. When the fear is gone and you are able to give positive suggestions, the adrenaline will decrease and the muscles will be more relaxed.

3. Sex
Due to heavy and big belly, you must have gotten lazy sex. Though the real sex during pregnancy is safe to do, as long as not using the weird style. Dr. Dara also revealed that having sex during pregnancy is beneficial to stimulate the release of the hormone oxytocin (the hormone that makes the atmosphere so excited). Typically, sex drive during pregnancy will culminate when the third trimester.

"During a normal pregnancy, sex is strongly recommended. However, if problems should not be done, especially when pregnant women had placental problems that perk. This will lead to more severe problems, because semen contains prostaglandins which can increase the contraction," he advised.

4. Nipple stimulation
Release of the hormone oxytocin can be stimulated not only through sexual contact, but also through nipple stimulation. This stimulation can be performed by the partner, or done alone. The thing to do is to palpate the area around the areola (brown part) for a few minutes.

5. Divert pain
Now this has spawned a growing number of techniques that can reduce pain, such as hypnobirthing, water birth, and others. The transfer of this pain can also be done by watching television, listening to music, aromatherapy, eating snacks, and more.

"The most important thing is how you give yourself positive suggestions on making labor more smoothly. Childbirth must be sick, but you do not need to make it more difficult to get angry, yell, or even cranky. This will make your energy runs out. Instead, you should any painful smile face plug, as this will help you more calm, and all those who delivered too happy, "he advised.

Positive suggestions and transfer this pain will help you suppress that feeling of adrenaline so quieter.