3 Major Causes of Dandruff

It must be very embarrassing if a lot of white flakes falling from the hair while on the move. White flakes called dandruff often this is actually the old scalp and flaking. However, due to various problems in the hair and scalp causing scalp it should disappear naturally accumulate on the scalp.

"There should scalp turnover process is changed within 28 days. However due to an imbalance of 'ecosystem' in the head then turn the scalp take place within five days," said Lais Koelle, Scientist Head & Shoulders Asia, the launch of Head & Shoulders Men at the Ritz Carlton, Pacific Place, South Jakarta, Wednesday (05/15/2013).

Until now, many people assume about the cause of dandruff, from weather, rarely wash my hair, pollution, the wrong shampoo, and others. However, Lais said there are some major things that causes dandruff on the scalp.

1. Mushrooms
Globosa fungus called Malasezia is one of the causes of dandruff. This fungus is actually contained in the scalp all people, whether male or female. This fungus is usually gathered at the follicle (hair follicles) and hair shaft. Not only on the scalp only, this fungus is also found in the air around. Fungi from the air around it also will increase the amount of fungus on the scalp.

2. Pomade
Hair oil is a natural substance in the hair, and everyone would have it. Hair oil serves to make the hair more radiant. Which is dangerous if too much sebum is produced. "This oil is food for the fungus. So if excessive oil will make the fungus proliferate more and more," he explained. As with other living creatures, who has eaten the mushroom hair oil will result in residual form of fatty acid digestion.

3. Scalp Durability
Everyone has fungus and hair oil on the head, then why would anyone dandruff and others not? "It is because every person has a different sensitivity to the scalp resulting fungal fatty acids," he said. Scalp is sensitive to fatty acid metabolism and this will interfere with the growth of new cells scalp.

Cell growth is inhibited scalp will accumulate on the scalp and become dandruff. However, if you have dandruff, you can not scratch it because it will only make it worse.