Protein Important for the Body, But Be Poison For those who Allergy

Eggs, shrimp and fish is a source of protein and protein is needed by the human body. But unfortunately, some people can suddenly itching after eating these foods. Is it true that protein can trigger allergies?

"Yes, usually the most (allergy triggers) are eggs, shrimp, fish and other animal protein in particular from the sea," said Dr. Indra G Mansur, DHES, SpAnd, ILS of Clinical Immunology and Reproductive Health Lady Pondok Kelapa, as written detikHealth on Wednesday (05/15/2013).

According to Dr. Indra,  protein source in some people it can trigger an allergic reaction. Form of reaction can vary, ranging from the lightest itching on the skin surface, to indigestion or shortness of breath even for a severe allergy.

Although in general an important protein for the body to process and formation of cell regeneration, the body often overreact to a protein. Animal protein most often trigger allergies while vegetable proteins like soy generally tolerated
properly by the body.

"Initially the protein used to make the body become stronger as it triggers the immune system to be immune to the disease, but that added may actually hyper and can poison.'s Called auto-immune. Allergy Hypersensitivity it starts, then if
excess will arise auto immune, "said Dr. Indra.

Because allergic difficult to cure, then the easiest option to avoid itching or other undesirable reactions, is to avoid the cause. But once again, the protein is a part of the macro nutrients that are important for the body and could not easily

In children, allergies can sometimes be overcome by introducing the desensitivitasi slowly and gradually towards allergens. In this way, the body will learn to tolerate the sources of nutrients that are important and not be avoided as much as possible.

"Because the child may not be allergic to fish and eventually left not eat fish. Avoided if the shrimp is still possible," said Dr. Eddy Karta, SpKK, a dermatologist from Cipto Mangunkusumo.