5 Benefits of a Blood Test

Scared of needles often makes people avoid blood tests. However, routine blood tests have many advantages. Quoted from Boldsky, Thursday (04/18/2013), here's a few reasons why you need to do blood tests:

1. For Counting Blood

With a total blood count will help you find out all your body's vital statistics. The amount of hemoglobin can tell if you are anemic. Meanwhile, the platelet count will illustrate whether there is blood clotting. And white blood cell count will tell whether there is an infection in your body.

2. Prevent Infection

If you have an infection like hepatitis or syphilis, can be detected only by routine blood tests. It is a disease that shows no outward symptoms.

3. detecting HIV

Human Immunodeficiency Virus or HIV can be discovered only by routine blood tests. For some people this will be very helpful. If known to be faster than the issue will be dealt with properly.

4. Controlling Blood Sugar

Diabetes is rather difficult to detect because the symptoms are common. However, a routine blood test can tell you if blood sugar levels are too high.

5. Thyroid control

Apparently a lot of young people who suffer from thyroid or thyroid disorders. This is caused by an unhealthy lifestyle. Thus, by performing regular blood tests thyroid symptoms can be detected early.

In addition, by performing regular blood tests cancer cells in the body can be detected. If an abnormally low amount of hemoglobin or white blood cells is too high, this may be indicative of carcinoma or cancer growth in your body.

Periodic blood tests turned out to be a lot of benefits. Have you done that?