7 Nutritions To Clean The Bowel

Bowel is one part of the digestive process that plays a role in the absorption of water, sodium, and fat-soluble vitamins. To maintain intestinal health and hygiene course requires care, namely detoxification.

Detoxification or cleansing the bowel must be done to improve the digestive system also prevents colon cancer. Here is a nutrient that can be used to help the detoxification process of Boldsky quoted on Monday (04/15/2013).

1. Lemon

Fruit juice is very effective in the detoxification process. By drinking lemon juice every morning will greatly help in bowel cleansing.

2. spinach

Green vegetables such as spinach may also help bowel cleansing and protecting it from disease.

3. sprout

Sprouts can be consumed for colon cleansing. Besides, he also gave cleansing of the liver.

4. garlic

Although it has a smell that is not well liked, garlic turned out to have many advantages. Garlic may help colon cleansing made ​​even more heart healthy.

5. fish

Fish is rich in fatty acids, omega-3, and the oil that helps to keep the toxins in the body part does not settle in the large intestine. If not like fish, try the avocado fruit. Because the fruit is also rich in omega-3 and oil.

6. Seeds and Nuts

Grains have low calories but high in fiber. Green beans and red beans also can give a good effect in this process.

7. green tea

Green tea in addition to good colon detoxification is also good for detoxifying the liver.

In addition to the above nutrients, fruit juice can be a quick option and consumed on the go. Because in addition to rich in fiber, fruit juices are also rich in enzymes and salt. This will make the process of detoxification to be smooth.

By doing regular detoxification process then you will get a clearer complexion. You also avoid the risk of diseases such as bloating, constipation, to colon cancer.