What Do You Need to Cure Anemia

Do you already know the difference anemia and low blood pressure? Yes, anemia is a condition where the body's body does not have enough red blood cells or hemoglobin (Hb) to carry adequate oxygen to body tissues. Meanwhile, low blood pressure is a weak pressure or heart rate that carry blood throughout the body.

Then, if the two diseases are almost similar symptoms can be treated? According to Prof. Dr.. dr. Budhi Setianto, Sp JP, FIHA Hospital Cardiovascular Harapan Kita, anemia can be treated with particular know the source of the cause.

"If it's easy to cure anemia, added just blood. If low blood pressure is rather difficult. In doing so, if anemia can be treated depending on what the cause of dysentery such as hemorrhoids, if untreated certainly not bleed anymore? Or so the bleeding wound stitched accident stop would not anemic anymore, "he said, as quoted on Wednesday (05/29/2013).

Prof Budhi said to know the source of the anemia causes anemia can be addressed, although there are some special cases that require specific treatment. If the low blood pressure does not need to be treated because the older the blood vessels going to the meeting so that human blood pressure in the heart increases.

"In contrast to low blood pressure, low blood pressure if they could fine no problem, because there are some people who are accustomed to the end with a low blood pressure," said Prof. Budhi.

Well, next to tackle anemia Prof. Budhi also reminded to maintain a healthy lifestyle on the sufferer. In addition, people with anemia were advised to consult a doctor in order to determine a clear cause of anemia that can be addressed immediately.

"A healthy lifestyle, balanced diet, not smoking, and regular exercise. However, that dynamic exercise such as walking, when suddenly need a break," added Prof Budhi.

Added by dr. Santoso Karo Karo SpJP MPH (K) exercise does not have blood ties to improve. And in line with the Prof Budhi also said that the simple exercise such as walking can also lower blood pressure sufferers.

"But it depends also on the response of the body and the condition of the patient. So if you want to exercise, previous anemia or low blood pressure should do the treadmill test first to see a doctor in order to know the condition of his heart," concludes Prof. Budhi.