H7N9 Virus That Immune to Tamiflu

Scientists in China identified the first case of bird flu drug Tamiflu-resistant H7N9, which is the current standard drug flu outbreak.

According to the BBC, so far there are 131 cases of influenza "bird" on the new man, the death toll reached 36 people. In the last two weeks did not reveal any new cases.

In a recent report published in the online edition of The Lancet, 3 virus samples taken from 14 patients infected with H7N9 were hospitalized Shanghai, China, positive resistant to the drug Tamiflu. The third patient was also suffering from a severe illness, two died, and the third is using a ventilator machine.

"This condition should be monitored carefully for fear of a pandemic will occur. Medics must prepare plans in case of a pandemic," said lead researcher Dr.Zhenghong Yuan of Shanghai Medical College of Fudan University, China, and Dr.Malik Peiris of the University Hong Kong.

Of the 14 patients studied, the doctors continued to monitor the progress of the virus through a blood sample, feces, urine, and throat mucus. All patients had complications of pneumonia, and 7 of them had to use a ventilator machine in order to get enough oxygen.

Analysis of the virus shows three cases of severe immune to flu medications, including Tamiflu. Responsive patients on flu medicine experienced a faster recovery.

Patients who are resistant to Tamiflu allegedly infected by a mutation. One patient experienced viral mutations after treatment Tamiflu, so that H7N9 may mutate due to the influence of the drug.