The Causes of Anemia in Children and How to Overcome It

In addition to women, anemia or blood less common in children. A variety of health problems ranging from worm infections to genetic disorders makes children less vulnerable to diseases of blood.

"A lot happens in children, anemia most because worms, malnutrition, and thalassemia," said Dr. Santoso Karo Karo, SpJP (K), MPH, cardiologist from RS Mitra Kemayoran to detikHealth, as written on Wednesday (29 / 5/2013).

"For transfused thalassemia, of nutrition, and also if the worms expelled worms with worm medication," added the doctor who has served as Chairman of the Foundation Perki (Cardiovascular Specialist Doctors Association of Indonesia) is.

In children, anemia or less blood can affect achievement. Dr. Santoso said, lack of blood causes the oxygen supply to the brain is also reduced so that the child is more difficult to concentrate when studying.

Not only that, anemia in children also affect growth and development. In doing activities physical fitness is also affected children so often cause children to easily collapsed while exercising or doing other physical activities.

So how to cope?

Dr. Santoso said, anemia in children must be addressed based on the cause. One should not give iron supplements, but these efforts will not be of much use if the real cause is not addressed first.

"It's okay to be given vitamin or iron supplement supplements but should still be sought to know the cause. give vitamin or supplement such worms but the cause is not removed so the same," said Dr. Santoso.