Da Costa Syndrome, Heart Disease Caused by Anxiety

Da Costa syndrome is also known as 'Soldier Heart' is a syndrome with symptoms similar to heart disease, although the physical examination did not find any underlying physiological abnormalities. In modern times, Da Costa syndrome is considered as a manifestation of anxiety disorder that is usually experienced by the populations of many of today's modern society.

This condition is named on the terms of the name of a surgeon named Jacob Mendes Da Costa, who investigate and describe this disorder during the American Civil War. Some names associated with this condition is a cardiac neurosis, chronic asthenia, functional heart disease, and primary neurasthenia.

The World Health Organization WHO classifies this condition as a disorder called somatoform (kind of psychosomatic disorders) in the diagnostic guidelines based on ICD-10. Formerly known as the neurotic disorders (non-psychotic mental disorders). So although the symptoms are physical symptoms, Da Costa syndrome is actually a mental disorder which most essentially is anxiety.

Clinically this term is no longer used and is usually a lot of patients with disorders of Da Costa syndrome was diagnosed as Panic Anxiety Disorder, Anxiety Disorders Comprehensive, Social Phobia, Somatization disorder and hypochondriasis disorder.

Da Costa's syndrome is also commonly found in patients with chronic fatigue syndrome (Chronic Fatigue Syndrome), Mitral Valve Prolapse and Postural orthostatic tachycardia syndrome. The symptoms of this syndrome such as fatigue, shortness of breath, palpitations, sweating and chest pain

The most important is that the physical examination and investigation of the function of the heart showed no physical abnormalities that form the basis of symptoms. Until now the cause of Da Costa syndrome is a condition of anxiety.

Da Costa Syndrome Treatment

Because the basic grievances that are part of an anxiety disorder, the condition is treated following a complaint basis. Da Costa syndrome as mentioned above mostly due to panic and anxiety disorder anxiety disorders overall. Treatment of panic disorder usually will be done gradually and in a specified tempo range. It took some time to overcome this disorder.

Hopefully what is presented is useful. Recognize the symptoms you are experiencing, if the examination of the heart was not stating you have heart problems, it could be that you are experiencing heart complaint is Da Costa's syndrome. Treatment to a psychiatrist who understand this complaint is most appropriate.