7 Ways to Maintain Ideal Weight

The phrase "reach easier than maintaining" may apply to the affairs of weight loss. If people have a target to reach a certain weight, they tend to be eager to achieve it. But when it reach it, sometimes they even forget myself so the weight back skyrocket.

Well, in order to avoid weight gain after successfully lowered, we need some way. Here are 7 ways that can help maintain the ideal weight has been achieved.

1. Plan ahead

Keeping weight also need a good meal plan, even when it comes to the party. Yummy food was plentiful at the party may be able to attract interest, but remember that weight loss has been achieved. The solution, do not go to the party with an empty stomach. Eat little and do not linger on the food table.

2. Give awards

Small award is important to keep yourself motivated after achieving the target. But instead of giving rewards such as food, better give new clothes in smaller size or body treatment. Reward yourself instead of having to drain your wallet anyway, a hot bath, watch TV, or the streets also have a form of respect.

3. Keep food fresh and fun

During weight loss, may be saturated with the type of food eaten. To make eating it fresh and fun, then try to be more creative in creating a variety of healthy foods. Combination with a healthy diet another country of origin could also be an option.

4. Do not forget about healthy habits

Healthy habits that have been built during the weight loss program should still be done even though it was successful. For example, a healthy breakfast or exercise.

5. Just three bite

Serving delicious food, especially eat as never before, is inviting taste. But if the food is high in calories, so try it with just three bites and stop eating.

6. Monitor food

Record consumed food every day. So, when the weight gain it back, you can easily find out what food is to blame and should be avoided.

7. Increase exercise intensity

Studies show people who successfully maintain weight is one who is able to keep exercising in the middle of busy. In order not to get bored, try a new aerobics class or a new sport.