What The Causes of Sensitive Teeth

Sensitive teeth is not a small problem. Disorder marked a sharp sense of the moment and often interfere with daily activities. 

It is evident from the results of global research institute research, Ipsos, in 2011 the states, 45 percent of Indonesia experienced sensitive teeth. But 52 per cent did not notice and did not consult a dentist. As many as 75 percent do not even deal with sensitive teeth properly.

"Sensitive teeth is a lifestyle issue. Eating too many sweet dishes, loud, fat and the wrong way toothbrush is a major cause erosion of email," said GSK Dental Detailing Manager Ariandes Veddytaro in Jakarta, Sunday (19/05/2013).

Sensitive teeth do not occur instantly. These disorders arise when the new age of 20-50 years. Even so, Andrew did not dismiss the email depletion problem that occurs from birth. It is called the enamel anomalies.

Sensitive teeth caused no disruption of bacteria or viruses, simply because the protective layer of tooth erosion. Problem of sensitive teeth is a toothbrush and a manifestation error dish consumption problem that has been overlooked.

"Most people are ignorant. fell pain, but still eat that taste sharp or extreme temperatures. Should immediately see a doctor," said Ariandes.

How to brush your teeth too hard exacerbates erosion email. This potentially exposes the nerve layer of the teeth. As a result, the stimulus will cause a slight sense of pain in the nerve endings.

This is compounded by the decision not to choose brush and toothpaste correct as needed. In fact, how and materials right toothbrush can prevent the teeth from abrasion email.

Proper Toothbrush and Toothpaste

The selection of pasta and the right toothbrush can be an alternative to prevent the onset of tooth sensitivity issues. The content of potassium nitrate in toothpastes for sensitive teeth will cause a sense of comfort in the tooth nerve. So that the flavor and extreme temperatures do not cause a "shock" the teeth. "Toothpaste for sensitive teeth can also be worn all people. Sensitive teeth is no need to wait," said Ariandes.

This is because in toothpaste for sensitive teeth also contained a variety of materials for dental protection.

Ariandes also advised to select a toothbrush made from smooth. This is so that the teeth do not rub too hard with the brush, when cleaned. Pressure is too great cause discomfort in the mouth. If the forwarded email abrasion will occur that cause tooth pain.

"Brush your teeth should not be too hard, which is important comfortable in the mouth. Brushes also do not need very often quite 2 times, after breakfast and before bed at night," said Ariandes.

Brush your teeth too often potentially wear down the enamel, causing the teeth more sensitive.