Tips on Caring for Sensitive Teeth

Sense of pain caused by sensitive teeth certainly can not be underestimated. Momentary stinging really disrupt daily activities. Experienced similar things celebrities Novita Angie. Presenters who are blessed with two hearts is also experiencing problems sensitive teeth.

"It feels good baseball. Want to eat or drink hard, aching luggage. Fact that a toothbrush or mouthwash use plain water, sometimes cold temperature, it would really pain," he said when met at the Ice Cream Festival Around The World, Sunday (19/5 / 2013) yesterday in Jakarta.

Feeling pain then encouraged to choose a special toothpaste for sensitive teeth. By angie, the difference before and after using a special toothpaste sensitive teeth is very pronounced. Angie felt more comfortable after using a special toothpaste. This is due to the perceived sense of pain is reduced.

Even so, Angie did not necessarily take any dish. This acidic food enthusiasts choose dishes that are not extreme temperatures and sharp flavor. Both types of dishes teeth stimulate nerves to feel pain. Angie also did not forget to rinse after meals to clean up leftover food in her teeth.

Angie also took care of her teeth with a toothbrush diligently twice a day, after breakfast and before bedtime. "Brush your teeth should not be too tight and select the delicate feathers. Do not forget to use a special toothbrush sensitive teeth," said Angie.

The same thing was done on two of their children. Angie took their diligent control of 6 months to the dentist. Angie also requires that children brush their teeth twice a day.

"After dinner toothbrush can not eat anymore. Now is not porous. Importantly protect children as early as possible from sensitive teeth," said Angie.