9 Ways to Overcome Insomnia When PMS

Many women who have experienced insomnia for premenstrual syndrome. It certainly affects the ability and quality of a woman to sleep.

However, do not worry it can still be overcome. Quoted by the Times of India, Friday (17/05/2013) is he some ways that you can apply when insomnia bothering you.

1. Make Daily Notes

This may be trivial, but you can try to think about and record the memorable days in one month has passed.

2. Fixed Bed As Scheduled

Although you are not able to sleep, see that fixed in accordance with the hours of sleep you sleep and wake up at the same time every day.

3. Create a Fun Environment

By creating a quiet environment before bed will certainly help you to sleep. Replace the sheet, comfort themselves, and turn off the lights if necessary.

4. Avoid Soothing

Although aid, tranquilizer in any form is not good for the body. Keep sedative tea and other herbal drinks that give the same effect of your reach.

5. Avoid Alcohol

When you are fully awake avoid alcohol. Though wine gives them sleepy but drinking alcohol at night can disrupt sleep and keep you awake.

6. Keep food

Women who are menstruating sometimes feel hungry all the time, so if you are hungry when you get to sleep take a bite or two crackers.

7. Focus Your Mind

Before bed focus yourself on fun things or things you want to do like gardening, a walk, or invite friends and family for a picnic.

8. Avoid coffee

Caffeine contained in coffee that will keep you awake. Avoid drink this one before you take the time to sleep.

9. Exercise

With a little practice will help your body to make sleep more soundly.

Overcome insomnia in a proper way. Quality sleep will help your productivity at a later date.