Salak Fruit Peel Lower Diabetes

For those of you who have diabetes, there's no harm in trying Litlak tea. A tea made ​​from the skin of healthy fruits. This is because the benefits of tea to lower blood sugar levels or diabetes.

Tea is sold at Rp 3 thousand per sachet it is the work of five students of the Faculty of Agriculture Universitas Brawijaya (FP-UB). They Mhas Agoes, Triambada, Audisty Oktavian, Saraswati, Wildfire Noor and Rahayu.

According to them, Salak Fruit contains the active ingredient cinamic acid derivative

are compounds that promote the regeneration of epithelial cells. This substance plays an important role in pancreatic repair process in patients with type I diabetes

By focusing on these substances, waste leather one was transformed into a healthful beverage. "Another Active ingredients contained in Salak Fruit skin is Pterostilbene is an anti-diabetic that play a direct role in lowering blood sugar levels," said one of the inventors Mhas Agoes litlak tea, Tuesday (21/05/2013).

Litlak tea is sold with some flavors, like the original, chocolate and vanilla with a medium cup size. Mhas Agoes explain the original flavor is devoted to patients with diabetes, while the chocolate and vanilla flavors aimed at those who do not have diabetes.

"Everyone can drink it.'s Easy to use way to brew hot water," said Mhas Agoes.

Mhas Agoes et hoping this product could be an alternative for patients with diabetes. In addition, the business opportunities that could be developed later was wide open.

"In addition to medicine and business could be as well," concludes Mhas Agoes.