Obesity and Heart Disease Risk Determined Since in Womb

Not a secret anymore if what pregnant women consumed will be influential for the baby she is carrying. But perhaps no one knows if a new study reveals that a person's predisposition to obesity and other health problems in adulthood can be determined since in the womb.

That is why each woman should know the weight and health during pregnancy, even when prior to the conception. This is because, according to a team of researchers from the British Nutrition Foundation (BNF), the factors considered holds an important key in ensuring long-term health of the child.

After observing aspects of nutrition and development of the baby in the first year, including the health and diet of the mother to the baby before birth, BNF concluded that obesity, asthma, allergies, cardiovascular diseases and other health problems are very likely influenced by the mother.

"Our evidence suggests that poor fetal growth may be associated with adverse consequences for the long-term health of the baby," said one of the researchers of the BNF, Professor Tom Sanders, as reported by the Daily Mail, Tuesday (21/05/2013).

"Poor fetal growth also affect kidney development in children, including making children become more sensitive to the effects of an increase in blood pressure due to salt intake reduces the risk of cardiovascular disease rises come," he continued.

Similarly, when the researchers looked at the causes of obesity in most people, from which the researchers came to the conclusion that the increased appetite in some people may have been 'programmed' in the womb because of the influence of diet and body weight of the mother.

It is also evident from the condition of children in the UK these days considering nearly half of the women in child-bearing age in the UK the average overweight or obese, but this condition could be the cause of the emergence of the biological cycle of obese pregnant women can lead in health problems for the child later in life.

"That means there is now evidence that confirms the existence of a biological relationship between obesity and health problems related to weight loss in women following their children," said Sara Stanner, science program manager of the BNF.

"Because once a baby is conceived, a biological framework for the health of her future has been determined since then, so that every woman needs to improve their health status even since before conception. Moreover, the major challenges facing society in the UK to tackle the obesity epidemic is the fact that about half of of all pregnancies in the UK are not planned, "he concluded.