Lack of Sleep Reduce Blood Vessel and Breath Function

The new study of the experts from the University of Birmingham, United Kingdom stated that by reducing sleep, blood vessel function and breathing will be impaired. Finally, heart health is in danger.

Modern society is now desperately short of sleep. Compared to our ancestors, humans are now less sleep 1-2 hours. No wonder so many heart disease, diabetes and obesity be improved. Yes, if we only look for food and sport without medical attention sleep. As a result, our general health is threatened.

With 24-hour lifestyle as now, many people feel shame if they have to close my eyes to sleep. He thought, more time to work would be much more work that can be done. In fact, the ability of the brain that are tired of even lower quality and personal performance.


The researchers tried to see, why sleep deprivation can be bad for heart health. You do this by looking at the functions of blood vessels and breathing before and after sleep deprivation. Seen blood vessel function by increasing blood flow and how well the response of blood vessels can accommodate.

Airway function seen with increasing levels of carbon dioxide. Normally, if carbon dioxide levels increased breathing became more rapid and deep. Study participants there were 8 people aged 20-35 years. The first two night all sleep eight hours each night. Then three nights later they were asked to sleep 4 hours. Participants last 10 hours of sleep for five days to see the effects of sleep debt paid.

During the study, repeated respiratory functions and blood vessels examined. The result, after two days only sleeping 4 hours, the volunteers experienced a reduction in blood vessel function is significant. Whereas when it reaches the third day sleep deprived, slightly improved blood vessel function. This is considered as a mechanism of adaptation of the body. On airway function can also be seen as a result. During the study participants sleep deprivation, breath control function seemed to decline. Response to increased carbon dioxide levels do not increase the respiratory rate as expected. After passing 5 last night with 10 hours of sleep every night, it can be seen that all these functions are improved.

Heart health

Just imagine, if someone repeatedly experienced lack of sleep for a long time, of the function of blood vessels is impaired. For a period of time can not be determined, damage to blood vessel function will eventually causes the disturbance in heart health. While the function of decreased breath can also be found in patients with sleep apnea (snoring).

Snorers often experience stopping breathing during sleep, which causes the decreased oxygen and increased carbon dioxide levels. With short sleep duration, so the body does not have a good response to the increase in carbon dioxide, which will also bad for heart health.

Some past research has many adverse effects that show that short sleep duration. Good for heart health, blood sugar levels, blood pressure to cancer risk. Other studies also show how the addition of hours of sleep can be beneficial to health.

According to Prof. William Dement, the father of sleep medicine, to achieve perfect health we need three main components of balanced nutrition, regular exercise and healthy sleep. Shortage of either one alone, would be detrimental to one's health. Sleep is a blessing for us to restore fitness, skills, health and performance. Why do we limit?