Prevent Headaches Attack While Traveling

Many unexpected things can happen when traveling though we've put together a plan neatly. Not just making a mess schedules, these conditions can make us a headache that ends vacation plans so ominous. Do not let it happen, do it with careful preparation and follow these tips:

1. Avoid stress

Stress is the biggest cause of headaches when traveling. Make travel plans at least 2 weeks before going to decide destination and time of travel for destination. Provide sufficient backup time so you do not feel like "being chased".

If the plane, make sure to come to the airport ahead of departure time. Activities should not be scheduled right in the estimated time to destination, as a precaution effort delayed flight departure.

If driving, so be sure to find and bring these directions any time lost.

2. Bring food, drinks, and drugs

Avoid the hungry and stay well hydrated while traveling can also relieve headaches. The long journey schedules often interfere with normal eating hours so that hunger can trigger a headache. Bring snacks that can delay hunger if it can not find a restaurant or store. Protein foods to keep you full longer.

Plane or car air conditioners and hot weather can cause dehydration which trigger headaches. Then bring drinks everywhere you go will keep the water content in the body. If the headache is also the drugs might help reduce it.

3. Overcome Jet lag

Sleep schedule may be changed due to travel, especially when done in a different time zone. Not getting enough sleep is one of the causes of headaches. The solution is to set the bed according to the destination time zone. For example, when it would go to town 5 hours faster than the origin, then 5 hours of sleep early in the night before. In addition, you can also optimize sleep on the plane to avoid jet lag.