Kiwi Fruit Now With More Nutrition

Efforts to meet the body's need for vitamin and fiber can be easier by eat kiwi fruit. New Zealand's distinctive pieces include super fruit because of higher nutritional content compared to other fruits in the same amount.

Researchers from New Zealand are now finding new varieties of kiwi, kiwi namely Sungold. Kiwi is claimed to be more nutrient dense than the two previous varieties of kiwi green and gold kiwi.

Clinical nutrition specialist Faculty of medicine / RSCM dr. Fiastuti Witjaksono explained, kiwi generally contain higher vitamin C than oranges and papaya. This fruit also has vitamin E which is higher than the mango and papaya. Not only that, the kiwi also rich in soluble and insoluble fiber, both essential for digestion.

"Kiwi also contains important antioxidants to retard aging. Fruits actinidin also contains enzymes that can accelerate protein digestion," he said.

Abundant benefits of kiwi fruit are now increasingly congested in Sungold kiwi variants. Sungold is the latest kiwi varieties that are found from the results of years of research. Kiwi has a better nutritional density than other kiwi varieties.

Nutrient density is the amount of the nutrient content of a food is measured in a certain amount, as compared to other foods in the same amount. The more dense nutrients present in a food, the better the quality of the food.

According to data from the U.S. Department of Agriculture (USDA) in 2011, the nutrient density of kiwi Sungold reached 24.4 per 100 kcal. Compare with kiwi and kiwi green gold 22.4 20.0. While other fruits like apples worth 3.5; bananas 5.6; wine 3.6; orange 17.2; papaya 22.6; 8.4 mango, and durian 5.6.

Data USDA also mentioned, the content of vitamin C and E in kiwi Sungold is also higher than kiwi and other fruit varieties. For vitamin C, kiwi Sungold containing 142.0 mg/100 g. Compare with gold kiwi 108.5; kiwi green 85.1; apples 4.6; bananas 8.7; wine 4.0; orange 53.2; papaya 61.8; 27.7 mango, and durian 19.7.

As for the vitamin E kiwi Sungold containing 1.7 mg/100 g. Kiwi gold 1.32; kiwi green 0.86; apples 0.18; bananas 0.10, wine 0.19, orange 0.18; 0.73 papaya, and mango 1.12.

Yuyuh Sukmana, Market Development Manager Zespri Indonesia said, kiwi Sungold will be present in Indonesia by the end of May or early June. Distribution would be more evenly distributed. Not only in Jakarta and surrounding areas, but also in other areas such as Surabaya, Medan, Makassar, Bali, and Back Board.