Stroke, The Highest Cause of Death

Stroke being the leading causes of death in Indonesia. In second place is filled tuberculosis, then a traffic accident.

In Indonesia, from about 1000 inhabitants, of whom 8 had a stroke. While it was 1 of 7 people who died due to a stroke.

According to researchers from the University of Washington, United States, Christopher JL Murray, in the last two decades due to death or disability burden of stroke rose 76 percent. The burden of road accidents rose 36 percent.

"The condition of Indonesia is unusual when compared with 15 other countries studied.'s Shows Indonesia in transition to developed countries with higher per capita income," he said in Jakarta on Tuesday (04.30.13).

He added that the high risk factor of stroke is caused due to the high number of people with hypertension in Indonesia. The condition is triggered by the consumption of salt, tobacco, and low consumption of fruits and vegetables.

Indonesia is the country's largest consumer of cigarettes in the world after China, USA, and India. The mean number of cigarettes consumed per day around 10 stems of Indonesia.

Unhealthy eating patterns become another cause. Consumption of fruit and vegetables less than 50 grams per day.

Researchers from the Research and Development of the Ministry of Health, dr.Soewarta Kosen, MPH, said the disease pattern in Java, Bali, and Sumatra, dominated by non-communicable diseases such as stroke and hypertension. While in East Indonesia is similar to the pattern of poor countries, namely infectious diseases such as tuberculosis.

"These conditions make us bear the huge loss due to a stroke suffered by people aged more and more productive," he said.