Emergency treatment to Asthma Victims

Asthma occurs due to inflammation of the airways due to overly sensitive to a stimulus. This causes the sufferer airways become narrow and secrete mucus. Then the patient will have difficulty breathing. So what can we do if I see people with asthma who were relapse?

Signs of an asthma patient relapse is the person seem difficult to breathe. Sometimes accompanied by wheezing sound when exhaling, anxious, pale skin and blue. If left unchecked can cause fainting.

By Stanley M. Zildo as quoted from his book 'First Aid, First Aid and How to Correct Handling of Emergency', requiring immediate treatment because asthma can be dangerous. The steps that can be done include:

1. Reassure the patient

2. Help the patient to sit down and rest

3. Help the patient get or find a cure

4. Let people use their own drug inhaler

5. Avoid allergy sufferers from source

6. If the first attack or seen a prolonged, immediately take medical services

7. If unconscious, immediately take it to the medical service

8. Do not force the patient to sleep on her back because people are more comfortable when sitting 

9. Do not ask a lot, because usually it is difficult to speak

"If you look at people who are relapsed asthma, the most important is to calm the person. If he had panicked and we as a people who were nearby participating panic, the situation will get worse," said Dr. Aru Sudoyo DR, SpPD, health practitioners RS Medistra to detikHealth on Wednesday (01.05.13).