Is Powder safe for Baby?

Powder does smell nice so many parents are happy to put it on their babies. But some experts said the use of powder should be avoided.

Powder is generally used to reduce itching caused by prickly heat or wear at the folds of skin so that the skin friction can be avoided.

According to Jennifer Shu, a pediatrician, most pediatricians no longer recommend powder because the particles are very fine and dangerous if it gets inhaled.

Anyway he is now largely disposable diapers have a high absorption so that will not make the skin moist. "More often changing diapers will also help keep the skin dry," he said.

Similar disclosed Rhyans Jo Ann, a pediatrician. According to him, the American Academy of Pediatrics does not recommend powder.

"Loose powder can cause respiratory problems and serious damage to the lungs if inhaled baby," said Rhyans.

Moreover, there has been no evidence that the powder can be overcome or prevent diaper rash. "The best way to prevent the rash is to clean the baby's bottom dry premises each diaper change. Should use a cream to prevent skin friction," he said.

Even so, according to Shu powder made ​​from corn flour is relatively safer. But he does not recommend the use of this type of powder if the baby is showing signs of diaper rash or skin infection.

"If the skin appears red and warm to the touch, do not give the powder because it can make it more irritating," he said.

In addition, every time the shower area clean skin folds children carefully, especially if you've put powder to prevent the powder pile up and clog the skin pores. This condition can actually make it so places germs breed.