Corona Virus Spreads in Saudi Arabia

World Health Organization (WHO) reported new cases of the new corona virus infection in Saudi Arabia. Currently there are a total of 41 patients were infected and 20 people have died since the virus was first identified in September 2012.

This new type of corona virus emerged in the Middle East in late 2012 and spread to Europe. Most patients reported was 81-year-old woman who suffered from multiple illnesses. He became ill in late April and is currently in critical condition.

Corona virus known as short nCoV but scientists are now referring to the Middle East or Mers Respiratory Syndrome corona virus. The virus derived from viruses that cause common cold and the flu also cause deadly outbreaks of SARS (Severe Acute Respiratory Syndrome) in 2003.

Mers case so far been reported in Saudi Arabia, Jordan, Qatar, the UK, Germany, and France. But the majority of cases found in Saudi Arabia.

WHO said last patient who reported the same clinical symptoms with the other 22 cases, 9 of them fatal.

Experts from WHO is currently visiting Saudi Arabia to consult with local health officials about the possible transmission of the virus between humans mers, but only on prolonged contact.