Carbonated Drinks Not Always Make You Fat

Hear about soft drinks maybe we think they are "evil" contributor to the obesity problem. But soft drink does not always adds body fat, as long as the amount is not excessive drinking.

The Principal Scientist Dr Coca-Cola Company. Maxiime Buyckx say, soft drinks actually have the same benefits as other beverages that provide adequate hydration for the drinker. However, because of the sweetness, soft drinks are often high in calories interpreted.

Yet according Buyckx, origin number of calories equal to the output, then the body will not be excess calories and maintain weight. He also gives rules to avoid drinking fizzy drinks make the fat below.

1. Balance with sports.

So that the number of calories in the same amount of calories out so do not add fat, of an active life-style solution. Exercise at least three times a week for 30 minutes. Also, try to actively move, such as more walking, climbing stairs, and reducing sitting.

2. Adjust caloric intake

Any food that is eaten certainly contributed calories, not just soda. If the food we eat is in conformity with the body's caloric needs, then supplement it with calorie sodas will certainly make the body excessively calories.

To avoid this, we must carefully count the calories that we eat. Previous first know the amount of calories your body needs. Caloric needs of each person is different, depending on body mass index and someone activity.

After knowing the caloric needs of the body, be sure to not consume calories more than they need. If it wanted to drink calorie drinks, then do not eat high-calorie foods are also in the same time.

3. Choose low-calorie Soft drink

Today many products that offer low calorie even nil. These products using sweetener with a sweetness level thousands of times higher than regular sweeteners. Then the dose is not as much sweetener is added sweeteners usual dose required. That's what led to these products may claim to contain low or nil calories.

Then choose the product that is transparent to the calorie content. If there are low in calories with the same sense, why should choose high-calorie?