5 Habits that Worsen Diabetes

Diabetes is a chronic disease that can threaten the quality of your life. However, diabetes is a disease that can be managed, as long as you can implement healthy habits in your life.

Conversely, habits, unhealthy behaviors can make it worse. Below are some habits you need to consider:

1. Many sit in front of the screen.

Most patients with diabetes are not aware that a lot of sitting in front of the screen (TV) nothing to do with diabetes it bears. Research shows that sitting increases the risk of diabetes. The longer you sit in front of the TV, the greater the risk. 2 hours sitting in front of the TV increased the risk of diabetes 20 percent, let alone your mouth usually also never silent, snacks, unhealthy often be your friend.

Habit of sitting, especially after you've finished eating increases your blood sugar levels 24 percent higher than those who walk slowly after a meal.

2. Avoid eating

I see many patients with diabetes, high blood sugar because of fear, they then do not eat. Avoid eating breakfast, or lunch will lead to unstable blood sugar levels, down abruptly, then can rise again, as well as insulin levels in your blood.

It can push you to consume food, unhealthy snacks, even more than you keep eating as usual. If you are using diabetes medications, avoid eating will make your blood sugar control, and can even lead to acute complications of hypoglycemia.

3. Reduce sleep

Reducing nighttime sleep is also frequently performed of patients with diabetes. Not sleeping also sometimes considered to lower blood sugar, lose weight. In fact, lack of sleep will also cause your blood sugar levels rise, you can have a tendency to unhealthy snacking, excessive, or because you are experiencing dehydration.

Reducing nighttime sleep also often make you sleepy during the day and as much compensation you will sleep that afternoon. Sleep during the day resulting in reduced physical activity, your blood sugar levels to rise.

4. Not taking medication

Many people with diabetes who discontinue medication is consumed. The reason they can not because their blood sugar is normal, no longer feel the symptoms usually complained, or they use traditional medicine, herbal, and they believe the herb is consumed can control their blood sugar well.

My experience, herbs may be helpful, but not necessarily be able to replace the drugs that have been used. Stopping the medication suddenly may also cause blood sugar levels to be high, not well controlled. This situation will accelerate diabetic complications that may occur.

5. Not checking your blood sugar

Blood sugar levels are well controlled is an important factor for people with diabetes. The blood sugar levels will determine the course of your illness. Therefore, check your blood sugar should be done periodically. If you are using insulin therapy, one or two times a day it diperukan examination, should be done the morning before breakfast.

If you people with type 2 diabetes has been controlled and only get oral diabetes medications, checks can be rare. Examination of blood sugar is important, not only reduces the risk of potential complications, but also useful for evaluating the effectiveness of therapies that have been given, including which drugs are consumed, diet, exercise, physical activity is recommended.