Prevent Prostate Cancer with Tomatoes

Tomatoes actually is a mandatory for men. Because, in this fruit contains many health benefits for the body, among which is preventing prostate cancer.

Various scientific literature mentions a substance contained in tomatoes called lycopene. These natural substances can actually be found not only in tomato, fruit or vegetable rather yellowish red.

Tomato itself has long been predicted as the fruit is effective in helping prevent prostate cancer. Understandably, the alien named Lyporsicon esculentum fruit is contained 45,902 mikrogtam lycopene per 100 gram serving.

"Substance would be antioxidant lycopene, which helps the body fight cancer," said the expert medical oncologist, Dr. Aru Wisaksono Sudoyo, SpPD, KHOM, FACP at the seminar Prostate Cancer Killer Boy Who Came Stealth, Wednesday (05/15/2013) in Jakarta.

Aru explained, the lycopene in the body is stored in the liver, lung, colon, and skin. Evidence of the benefits of lycopene in them ever revealed in research published the Asia Pacific Journal of Clinical Nutrition. The study included 130 prostate cancer patients who were given a diet high in lycopene content.

As a result, the respondents had a reduced risk of prostate cancer cells by 82 percent. Lycopene is also found in the fruit papaya and salmon.

Aru explain, to get the maximum benefit from the tomatoes, preferably prior to consuming tomatoes soaked in boiling water first. Warming will help lycopene regardless of fruit. "If it is off course more easily enter the body.

Therefore, better eat tomatoes that have been processed, such as in soup or pasta sauce, "he said.

Aru also warned to avoid foods made preservatives and dyes. Formaldehyde content, rhodamine B, and yellow methanil to trigger the growth of cancer cells in the body. "The point is to avoid foods and beverages made from chemicals is not clear. These chemicals are feared to cause cancer (carcinogenic)," said Aru.

Healthy lifestyle is the key against prostate cancer. Aru is also advised not to smoke and be diligent sun. Cigarette paper containing 200-300 toxins that are harmful to the body. Whilst the sun helps the body to increase endurance.