Exercise tips when Menstruation

Various grievances felt during menstruation is often the reason for the absence of exercise. In fact, exercise actually provides many benefits to alleviate discomfort during menstruation. Even exercise can reduce appetite in some people increases when menstruation.

Changes in hormone levels during menstruation can affect performance and stamina, but there are strategies that can help to keep exercising. Here are some strategies that you can do.

1. Try it

Although sometimes during menstruation some women feel weak, but it never hurts to keep trying and start moving the body. Often, after 10 minutes of walking, the body becomes energized and able to complete the planned training session.

2. Understand the body's own

If indeed the body is very weak, so do not force to heavy exercise such as running or aerobics. Replace it with the type of sport that does not need a lot of movement such as yoga or swimming, especially during menstruation is not too much. Some yoga poses can help relieve cramps. While swimming to help relieve back pain that is sometimes present during menstruation.

3. sports schedule

If you are among those who are accustomed to heavy exercise, it should not be a problem to keep doing it during menstruation. However, hormonal changes during menstruation may affect the durability, so you should not do too much exercise first.

4. Use tampons

Tampons more effectively withstand leakage that may occur during exercise compared with a bandage. But if it is not comfortable wearing a tampon, then use pads that are long enough to withstand leakage. You can also wear tighter pants to avoid dressing shift due to movement during exercise.