5 Allergy Triggers in Children

Have you ever seen a child's behavior suddenly changed as restless when sleeping and emerging signs of redness on the skin? Be careful, it is a sign of allergic symptoms in children.

One of the nutrients needed for growth and development of children is protein. Unfortunately these nutrients became one of the main sources of allergens in children. According to Dr. Eddy Karta, SpKK a dermatologist at the Hospital Cipto Mangunkusumo allergy is a hypersensitivity reaction that occurs in the body.

Well, to prevent the parents must be vigilant and know what are the things that can trigger allergies in children. Furthermore, from detikhealth conversation with Dr. Indra G Mansur, DHES, SpAnd, ILS written on Wednesday (15/05/2013) is he a trigger allergies in children.

1. Eggs

Eggs are one of the foods rich in protein and are often suggested to support the growth and formation of posture in children. Unfortunately, for children who are allergic to eggs are certainly not able to enjoy it.

According to Dr. Indra, the protein in the eggs themselves cause hypersensitivity reactions. Known as protein deficiency in children can lead to impaired growth.

2. Chicken

Most kids love this food, especially when fried. The chicken had fat in it, it is this which can allow the child developing allergies. Dr. Indra said there are 3 nutritional foods that can cause allergies are proteins, carbohydrates, and fats.

3. Fish

Fish and other marine animals are known to be the highest allergen. "Seafood is high and the food is the most prominent of which being the cause of allergies," said Dr. Indra.

However, for children who like to eat catfish can breathe sigh of relief. Because according to Dr. Indra, catfish rarely cause allergies and is one of the great fish for consumption.

4. Air

The air is unavoidable because living things need to breathe. But the air can trigger allergies in children. It occurs when a child playing in the park or garden.

"The wind there will bring pollen and it can go into respiratory," said Dr. Indra.

In addition, exposure to air can cause the body to become allergic children who experience itching or commonly known as urticaria.

5. Beans

Peanut butter is one of the jam is a favorite of children. But, for those who have allergies to peanuts, let alone even jam nut oils containing material for the cake was not allowed to exist near them.

Risk is the mildest itch but if it is severe can cause shortness of breath experienced by Kelsey Hough as he told the ABC news, Monday (05/13/2013). According to Dr. Indra small percentage incidence of peanut allergy, and also for soy or cashew nuts are not manifest.