5 Myths and Facts About Wrinkles in Face

As people age, the wrinkles on the face can not be avoided. Well, this is often related wrinkles circulating myths The source is unclear. What are the myths about the wrinkles that are often heard, following his presentation.

Danielle Collins yoga expert face to break a few myths and tell you the truth about aging, wrinkles, and skin care. Well, here are 5 myths about the face and the lining was quoted as saying on Health India, Wednesday (05/15/2013):

Myth 1: "I have oily skin, does that mean I tend to have fewer wrinkles?"

Fact: Dry skin is no more likely to be aging faster than oily skin. Just dry skin more dehydrated, so any wrinkles more noticeable. Organic facial oil receipts for re hydrating the skin on a regular basis can reduce the appearance of wrinkles and make skin look younger.

Myth 2: "The older generation in my family to have wrinkles, it also means I will have it."

The fact is: We are often led to believe that the reason some of us are aging more rapidly and others because of genes. Though aging because genes only have an accuracy of 20 percent. Studies show that people who look younger than her age live a healthy lifestyle and eat well, train your body and your face regularly and avoid the sun.

Myth 3: "I was sunbathing on a regular basis and this means I might not get wrinkles"

Fact: Unfortunately, excessive sun can cause premature aging. Sun damage can break down collagen and elastin in the skin that causes the skin to sag. The sun can also affect the upper layers of the skin that affects pigment and hence lead to spots signs of aging.

Myth 4: "What if I do not train my face it would give me more wrinkles?"

Fact: If you choose a program like The Danielle Collins Face Yoga Method, all the techniques in it can train the face and neck in a controlled way. When you go to the gym or exercise classes and train the muscles in the body, your body shape and improve skin texture.

The same principle applies to the face and neck. Exercises that work the muscles to increase muscle resistance, creating a more lifted skin and firmer so it will look younger. So by doing facial exercise will be able to reduce wrinkles.

Myth 5: "I heard a massage for the body only and should not be performed on the face"

Fact: Massage is very good for massaging the face if you do it the right way. All techniques The Danielle Collins Face Yoga Method works on all 3 layers of the skin to ensure that there is no connective tissue rupture.

With proper massage, the skin will have better circulation, looks more smooth and toned, and can remove toxins and reduce tension. However, it is important to remember to use a lighter touch on the face because the skin is thinner than the skin of the body.