Types of Injuries That Can Happen When Falling from Motorcycle

Because it is not protected by a barrier with the surrounding environment, the risk of injury during a crash motorcyclist is certainly larger than a car driver. When an accident involving a motorcycle rider, there are a few injuries suffered vulnerable.

"Injuries motorcycle accidents that occur when there is a variety, such as serious injury in a collision. Wound condition also depends where the impact sites exist. If in the head, could be a concussion or amnesia. If in the chest or abdomen can cause bleeding or injuries. If in the arm or leg will cause a fracture, "said Dr. Firdaus Saleh Spb (K), when contacted detikHealth, Friday (04/26/2013).

Dr. Firdaussaleh which is the surgeon of the RSCM explained that the injuries were cuts on the inside of the body and are usually difficult to detect. The time needed for handling had to be very fast because the risk could be fatal.

For example, someone experiencing conflict in the chest, broken ribs and injured liver and exposed on the inside of his stomach. This sort of thing if the above is more than 30 minutes will result in death. To detect internal injuries, dr. Muki Faiz, SpOT explained that sometimes accompanied his bruises.

"Wound can be characterized by the presence of bruises around the trauma, for example, will be colored blue or swollen. All injuries that occur from motorcycle accidents can occur depending on the cause," explained Dr. Muki is an orthopedic specialist from the RS Puri Indah.

Furthermore, Dr. Muki explained that victims of accidents can also lead to death if it was bleeding. When losing a lot of blood, then the victim will experience shock, weakness, fainting, heart blood loss, and lead to death.

"Likewise, if a concussion, usually the victim will lose consciousness initially used, for long if not addressed could die," said Dr. Muki.

Therefore, traffic accident victims should get immediate emergency aid to the nearest hospital. In addition to knowing the injuries and concussions, adequate inspection facilities also allow victims to be addressed properly.