Stress Also Causes Obesity

Almost everyone has experienced stress, both men and women. Stress is believed to make a person often experience fatigue, but other than that stress can also lead to obesity.

Stress in adults is mainly caused by fatigue in the workplace and financial problems. Problems at home are also often the cause of stress.

As quoted from Female First, on Saturday (04/27/2013), the doctors and health workers found an increase in the number of children who are now also beginning to experience stress. This is often due to academic problems in school.

"Low levels of energy, sleep disturbance, fatigue, anxiety, and weight gain caused due to stress also increased the number of late," said Victoria Tyler, nutritional therapist at London's Harley Street.

Nutrition and Vitality also found that by using the actual stress we can identify health problems experienced, in order to evaluate what action is most appropriate.

Anyone can do a stress test to determine how stress itself and whether the level of stress that he has a risk of health problems.

"Many scientific studies clearly show that stress can wreak damage on the body. Given the long-term stress not only causes heart disease and high blood pressure, but is also associated with forgetfulness, decreased immune function, and obesity," said Tyler.

Victoria statement supported by the American Medical Association. The agency estimates that of all existing disease, 80 percent comes from stress. Even 80 percent of the stress it caused by a problem in the workplace.

Many people feel stressed and depressed from day to day, so a long-term stress. Complex problems such as these will lead to serious health problems. If left unchecked, stress can lead to premature death. Therefore, from now on, try to find activities that you enjoy doing in order to take your mind of stress begin to appear.