Accident Broken Bones? This is What You Must Do

In big cities are crowded with vehicles, traffic accidents can happen almost every day practically. One of the most common injuries are fractures due to accidents. This condition requires serious treatment and care.

Fracture itself consists of various types. Handling depends on the type and severity of the injury suffered. When the victim met an accident and would like to help, please note a few things to do and not to do so injuries do not get worse.

"The signs of fracture it is seen shape and the location of the body. If anyone out or shifted out of place, it is certain that he had a broken bone," said Dr. Saleh Spb Paradise, SpU (K), urologic surgeon from RS detikHealth Pelni when contacted on Friday (26/04/2013).

Dr Firdaus said, that first needs to be done to the victims of a broken bone is positioning the victim to a broken bone conditions return to normal. After the accident, the victims usually experience severe pain to experience shock conditions, so if the normalized bone, he will not feel the pain.

Even so, this method should only be performed by experienced medical personnel. For ordinary people who do not know how to handle fracture patients, the victim should not be tampered with because the act involves the victim can actually make the condition worse.

After knowing the possibility of a fracture, the victim should be moved to a safe place. This process requires caution because the risk of moving the victim's body can shift the position of the wound. Dr Firdaus advised to not move accident victims alone.

"How to safely remove victim is adopted in the anatomical position, ie supine with both arms alongside jointly by at least 4 people slowly and simultaneously. Should be no dangling body parts," said Dr. Firdaus.