Signs of Brain Concussion in Accident Victims

One of the frequent injuries suffered by victims of traffic accidents is concussions triggered by a clash in the head. Symptoms vary and depend heavily by level. Recognize, so that no one took action.

"brain concussion split into 3 levels seen from the level of consciousness in the first 2 hours. mild, moderate, severe brain concussion" said Dr. Rimawati Tedjasukmana, SPS, RPSGT, neurologist from Medistra Hospital, when contacted detikHealth, Friday (26/4 / 2013).

Mild concussion when symptoms appear within the first 2 hours only in the form of drowsiness. Are said to be a concussion but was conscious when feeling dizzy, while severe concussions can cause coma victim suffered.

"Unconscious, conscious, and then passed out again. If it's like this would be very dangerous," said Dr. Rimawati who also pursue the field of sleep health.

Other symptoms that could indicate a concussion in highway accident victims by dr Rimawati are as follows:

1. Unconscious

2. nausea vomiting

3. fainting

4. Severe headache

5. Half body so lame like stroke

So what should be done to help an accident victim who suffered a concussion?

"Should immediately marginalized as in the scene (the scene) love of airway, breathing, and circulation (ABC) of both the victim. Love a good airway. Checked heartbeat is still there or not, if transferred carefully to the bone in the area neck and spine because there is usually a fracture occurs, "said Dr. Rimawati.