Transplantation No guarantee The Cure of Kidney Patients

Kidney transplant surgery is considered as the ultimate solution when the kidneys are not able to work properly. But actually, if you do not routinely perform postoperative examination, the patient may develop kidney failure again.

Presented by Prof. DR. dr. Endang Susalit, Sp.PD-KGH in a press conference on the 6th floor Auditorium Building RSCM Kirana, Jl Diponegoro, Jakarta, Monday (04/15/2013) does not mean a person who is said to be cured and then transplant surgery.

"Transplantation was performed as the best move if the kidney is damaged and unable to function, but not necessarily after that the patient can breathe," said dr. Endang.

After kidney failure patients transplant surgery, patients still have to keep it kesehatannya.Selai, most importantly keep control regularly to the hospital. Drugs given by doctors to be spent.

"Many patients with post-transplant surgery lazy taking medication for fear of kidney damage, but instead to take the drug, his kidneys will be able to adapt to new conditions," said dr. Endang.

Irregularity patients had postoperative treatment is justified Dr. Endang as one of the main factors kidneys were damaged again. In fact it is not possible the patient may develop kidney failure again.

"Equally important, post-surgery patients infected very easily, so her condition should always clean, always use a mask, and want to take medication," said dr. Endang.

"Most patients do not have to monitor his condition every day for 2 months post-surgery, if it could be done 1 or 2 years," said dr. Endang.