Healthy Way to Eat Pasta

You like to eat pasta but worried about the high calories of the food preparation? From now on, you do not need to suppress your desire to eat pasta. Because with the right presentation, the pasta will not cause you excessive calories.

Here are some tips to get a low calorie pasta dish:

1. Choose the right pasta.

When the pasta dish that will make a healthy and low calorie, of course, need to start from the pasta itself. Make sure that you select the pasta is pasta made from whole wheat.

Pasta naturally have a low fat content and high carbohydrates. However, a paste made from whole grains also contain fiber which is not found in regular pasta. Enough fiber is very good for the heart and digestion. Whole wheat pasta take longer to digest so as to make full longer, as well as to maintain stable blood sugar levels after meals.

Although pasta is selected appropriately, the amount of pasta you eat also should not be excessive. Uncooked pasta contains 100 calories per 28 gram. So a big bowl of cooked pasta can contain hundreds of calories.

2. Add the vegetables to the dish

The vegetables will add nutrients and flavor in your pasta dish. Choose fresh vegetables are colorful because not only adds nutritional value, but also add beauty grain pasta. Vegetables such as tomatoes, spinach, onions, peppers, eggplant, mushrooms, broccoli and even will certainly add a unique flavor pasta.

3. Add healthy protein.

Proteins would be essential nutrients the body needs. The pasta is rich in carbohydrate content, then you should proceed with the protein. Proteins present in skinless chicken or shrimp, both grilled, baked, or boiled will certainly add a delicious pasta dish.

4. Note the pasta sauce.

Choice of one sauce that will damage the health of the pasta dish. The sauce is one point because it contains fat and high calories. Should make their own pasta sauce to reduce sodium levels are high in pasta sauce packaging. If not, you can first check the label pasta sauces to choose a healthier pasta sauce.