New Ways to Overcome Prostate Enlargement

Men with an enlarged prostate disorders might get a new option to overcome the disorder. A new study shows, blocking blood flow to the prostate while time can be more effective than surgery.

Enlarged prostate is the cause is unknown, but the fact that as we get older, the risk of this disease is also increasing. Some researchers believe that fluctuations in testosterone levels could be one trigger factor.

Surgery has been the most effective way to address the acute disruption of prostate enlargement. But surgery also had no small risk. To that end the researchers tried to find a solution to prostate enlargement without having to need surgery.

Study chairman dr. Sandeep Bagla said enlarged prostate can also be overcome by holding the temporary blood flow to the prostate. This method is called prostatic artery embolization (PAE). The process starts from the insertion of catheters into the patient's leg is then channeled into the arteries leading to the prostate. Catheter is then stuck some sort of barrier blood flow in the arteries, which can obstruct blood flow to the prostate for a while.

The researchers plan to perform this procedure at least on 30 patients, although only 18 patients were finally included. The study was presented at Monday's conference of the Society of Interventional Radiology.

Bagla and his team make sure this method has less risk than surgery. But also have dramatic results in overcoming prostate enlargement.

"Patients who have never had surgery or laser treatment to benefit from this method," said Bagla.

Bagla added, this method also does not put a catheter in the penis, so there is no diminution of the urethra and bleeding risk.

In addition to surgery, drugs of choice for patients with less severe symptoms. Alpha 1-blockers are used for those people with high blood pressure can also improve the flow of urine. Although the drugs took more than three months to show effect.