Proper Way of Brushing Teeth

Since childhood, we are always reminded to maintain hygiene and dental health. Almost everyone already knows that mandatory tooth brushing with toothpaste at least twice a day if you want to keep it healthy teeth. But you already know how to brush their teeth?

Actually, dentists recommend to brush vertically. This is because the horizontal tooth brushing habits apparently risky cause tooth abrasion. Vertically brushing motion is part of the roll technique, one brushing techniques suggested by FDI.

But unfortunately, most people still brush their teeth horizontally due to higher consciousness need to brush vertically. Despite knowing the toothbrush should be done vertically, but subconsciously we usually brush my teeth from the left and right. Even based on research, 60% of Indonesia still brushing her teeth rather than vertically.

To help us brush vertically as recommended by a dentist, had been present Pepsodent Vertical Expert. This is the first toothbrush with bristles fan-shaped which is clinically proven to clean teeth better *. This is an initiative of Pepsodent to provide education to the community to brush your teeth in the right way.

Innovation bristle toothbrush shaped from Pepsodent Vertical Expert works in two ways. First, long-bristle brush and extra thin easily penetrate between teeth to clean between the teeth properly. Second, short-bristle brush is used to clean the surface of the gums and teeth.

Vertical profile Screwdriver Pepsodent Expert provides more comfort when held vertically so that brushing your teeth still feels stable. Appropriate for the type of treatment your teeth, use one of the series of Pepsodent toothpaste products are created to meet your needs.