The Signs Women Will Soon Birthing

Recognizing the signs will give birth is not always easy, especially for those who have never had the experience before. Sometimes when it's time delivery, the mother and her partner have not even had time to prepare anything.

Obstetricians from Pertamina Central Hospital, Dr Frizar Irmansyah, SpOG said, the signs will soon give birth to, among others, can be recognized from the movement of the baby. Normally, the baby moves 10 times / day after 9 months of gestation entrance or near the time of birth.

"If the baby is moving less or even not at all, the possibility of a baby in the womb is not in good health," said Dr. Frizar when contacted detikHealth, as written on Wednesday (10/04/2013).

Another sign that must be recognized is the water discharge from the v*gina, which shows that the phase of childbirth will soon come. Beware if the water smells fishy, ​​clear and out in large quantities to wet underwear. Chances are it was amniotic fluid.

"Water is necessary for fetal survival of babies in the womb, if a lot of amniotic fluid out it will endanger the lives of babies," said Dr. Frizar.

Amniotic fluid also should be differentiated with pee water, because it is not possible by a panicked expectant mother can not feel where the water is coming out. Of the urinary tract, or of the vagina or uterus holes. Moreover, if the water does not smell pee.

Bleeding can also be a sign of impending when birth. If the bleeding is quite a lot, Dr. Frizar advised to immediately get ready. Especially if it is approaching the age of abortion estimated time of delivery.

"If the signs are already emerging with regular time, ie less than once an hour, so pregnant women should be immediately taken to the hospital," Dr. Frizar message.

So what to do if a sign-tada it appears? The most easy, just take the mother to the hospital or at least call your doctor immediately for advice if the guide is not allowed to go to the hospital.