Eat With the Small Plates Can Prevent Obesity in Children

A study shows that eating by using smaller plates and smaller bowls to encourage children to eat less all the time eating.

More food in small portions is the best solution to keep the child's weight. The research team studied the relationship between the size and the number of calories tableware children of eating.

Based on 2010 data, the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention reported that one-third of children and adolescents are overweight or obese.

Quoted from, Wednesday (10/04/2013) obesity is defined as the accumulation of excess body weight when compared to a person's height. While obesity refers to the accumulation of body fat accumulation.

Both are the result of caloric imbalance, where the calories that enter the body is not used to cause weight gain.

In a paper that is written in the journal of the American Academy of Pediatrics, researchers examined 42 1st grade children eat them all the time. During the 4 day trial period, students participate using cutlery sized children and 4 days apart other students use plates and bowls with a size twice the size of the children.

Children who use plates and bowls are larger tend to take more food than children who use small-sized cutlery. Children who use cutlery greater also consumed 50% more calories than the amount that should have been.

"These results are very interesting and prove our estimates of the effects on adult size cutlery in the laboratory, also applies to the children," said Dr. Thomas Robinson, child obesity researchers Stanford University in California.

"This study provides preliminary evidence is very important that the use of plates and cutlery smaller can reduce children's intake of energy," he continued.

Dr.. Robinson and his colleagues caution that this finding is an early and more research is needed to characterize the relationship between the size of tableware and calorie intake.

In addition to the above measures, other measures to prevent excessive weight gain such as regular exercise and a healthy diet regulate fixed should not be overlooked.