Preparation Before Pregnancy

Good delivery preparation since the beginning of pregnancy will determine the smoothness of the birthing process. But not all people know, what I should be prepared and how. Consider just the following explanation obstetrician.

In early pregnancy, physical and mental preparation has to be done. It can be done by following educational programs, whose benefits include giving a better understanding of the intricacies of childbirth itself.

"If from the beginning the mother has to understand how the process of giving birth, how to set a proper unlucky, then the labor pain can be reduced," said Dr Frizar Irmansyah, SpOG of Pertamina Central Hospital to detikHealth, as written on Wednesday (04/10/2013)

Conversely, if these things less attention, fear will arise when it comes time delivery. Finally at the time of undergoing the process of giving birth, the mother is not able to relax and eventually pain may be more pronounced than when conditions are calmer.

Another thing that is equally important to be prepared is a matter of cost. The cost of giving birth in hospitals are generally not small, therefore it must be really prepared. Do not forget, also budgeted costs for things such as sudden unexpected need surgery.

Said Dr Frizar, husband and family can provide support to accompany his wife during the birth process in the delivery room. It is very influential in reducing pain and improving maternal comfort in the face of the delivery process.

If the husband does not want to or are afraid to accompany his wife in the delivery room, the position can be replaced by another family, mother or mother-in-law. Presence of others as support givers will make mothers feel less alone when struggling in labor.