Maternity Options

There are many techniques to bear children. Generally, there are two kinds namely the natural and surgically. More specifically, there are many options for a normal delivery techniques ranging from giving birth in the water to use hypnosis.

"How to give birth which is generally known by the public is a normal childbirth and Cesarean section," explains Dr. Frizar Irmansyah, SpOG, a gynecologist from Pertamina Central Hospital when contacted detikHealth, as written on Wednesday (10/04/2013).

The difference between the two, according to Dr. Prizar is the use of tools. If normal delivery can be done without using any tools and occurs naturally, the cesarean delivery performed using a surgical instrument.

In terms of the recovery process, the normal birth process is more advantageous because it is faster to recover. Cesarean take longer to recover, at least 2 years is required to completely restore the mother's body to his senses.

For normal delivery itself, there are many options that are often used method. Of which is quoted from American are as follows:

Also known as gentle birth and water birth or done in a tub of water. The goal is to make expectant mothers feel more relaxed. Many believe, this technique could prevent the baby from a dramatic change in conditions when entering a new life. However, this technique is not recommended for mothers with high-risk pregnancies.

2. Lamaze

Developed by Dr. Ferdinand Lamaze, this technique helps the expectant mother turned her pain perception. In Lamaze class, mothers were taught how to take a deep breath, massage, concentration and how to control pain during childbirth.

In the 1940s, Dr. Grantly Dick-Read to introduce the use of hypnosis in childbirth techniques. Thoughts will be brought in total relaxation, so that the muscles of the body to function as designed. Women who undergo this method will feel like a dreamy, relaxed, calm but remain aware and in control.

Developed by Dr. Robert Bradley in the 1940s, this method helps mothers give birth with minimal drug assisted. Classes taught include good nutrition, relaxation techniques and pain control.

At the beginning of the 20th century, FM Alexander introduces relaxation techniques that bear his name which Alexander Technique. Technique wherein the sitting, standing and moving in an efficient, safe and comforting. Anyone including pregnant women about to give birth can learn to relieve tension and increase the capacity of the respiratory system. When lower back pain is reduced and shortness of breath decreases, various complaints during the delivery process will also be reduced.