The Benefits and Disadvantages In Cesarean Delivery

Cesarean delivery is actually intended for pregnant women who experience complications. But lately labor in this way more desirable because she did not want to feel the labor pain is horrible. If still in doubt, study the pros and cons first.

Cesarean demand is increasing worldwide. Besides being more and more pregnant women who experience complications during pregnancy, childbirth asked for too much without a clear medical reason. Largely due to the mother's fear of childbirth as normal.

And if uncomplicated, vaginal delivery is much better than Cesarean. Moreover, Cesarean leave long-term side effects and the risk of death is higher than a normal delivery.

"The advantage is not sick, fast, can be planned date," said Dr. Frits Max Rumintjap, SpOG (K), MARS, RSPAU gynecologist dr. Esnawan Space at Halim Perdanakusumah to detikHealth, as written on Wednesday (04/10/2013).

But for the amount of pain, in fact every woman to feel differently. According to Dr. Frits, there is considered normal childbirth more painful, but some are considered more cesarean section pain.

"If all the pain that's normal. Caesar If no pain during the operation, but the after effects of the pain medication exhausted mother will feel the pain but only 1 x 24 hours normally," said Dr. Frits.

And for the shortcomings, Cesarean section has the same effect with other operations, the keloid, embolic, drug effects on the brain, or other disease indications.

"If Cesarean maximum of 3 times, normal delivery you could get whatever you want" concludes Dr. Frits.