Consume Hypertension Drugs Cause Kidney Damage ?

A person with hypertension may feel dizzy or nauseous or other complaints. This situation may continue until the onset of pain due to damage to other vital parts of the body, like kidney.

Hypertension is a condition when the systolic blood pressure is above 140 mmHg and diastolic pressure is above 90 mmHg.

Many studies have shown that the higher a person's blood pressure, the higher the risk of the person affected by kidney disease. The kidneys play a key role in the body as a guard body fluid balance, hormone-making red blood cells, activating vitamin D, as well as blood filters.

Renal function is determined by how the supply of oxygen and nutrients are delivered blood through the arteries. If the stream is interrupted, then the kidneys will be damaged and impaired function.

If impaired kidney function gets worse, then there will be the risk of kidney failure. This disease requires the sufferer to do dialysis (hemodialysis) throughout his life.

Some people who already suffer from hypertension is also afraid of taking medication for the long term. The main reasons are usually afraid of damaging the kidneys. Effects may actually occur if not taking the drug more severe consequence of hypertension.

"Basically, the doctor will prescribe the minimal side effects to the patient," said Prof. Dr. Tjandra Yoga Adhitama, Director General of Disease Control and Environmental Health Ministry of Health of Indonesia in the Press Conference at Balai Kartini (Wednesday, 10/03/2013).

Hypertensive patient should actively ask questions and discuss with the doctor if the treatment is given. Regular and proper treatment of hypertension will prevent damage to the vital organs of the body.