Rosemary Able to Improve Memory

Rosemary aroma is very good for improving memory. Based on the results of recent studies, rosemary essential oil good for adults to recall past events and perform tasks in the future, including for example to take medication or sending a birthday card at the right time.

Results of this study found that the increase was not related to a person's mood, but it is able to provide chemical influences that increase their memory.

Researchers who presented their findings at the British Psychological Society's annual conference in Harrogate, stating that the scent of rosemary oil can improve the quality of life for people with memory loss twilight age.

Rosemary (Rosmarinus officinalis) has long been associated with memory and accuracy. This scent has been used by the ancient Egyptians in wedding and funeral rituals. Shakespeare seems to realize that, in one of his works, Hamlet, Ophelia says: "There's rosemary: You pray, love, remember."

"We want to build on our previous work which showed that the scent of rosemary can improve long-term memory and mental arithmetic," said Dr. Mark Moss, leader of the study. "We focus on memory research in the future, which involves the ability to remember things that will happen in the future and remember to complete a task at any given time. It is very important for daily functioning," he added.

A total of 66 participants were divided into 2 groups and were asked to wait in a different room and one of them has been given the scent of rosemary essential oil. The participants then complete a series of memory tests, including hidden object and find it again and give an object to researchers at the predetermined time.

Participants who were in the room with the scent of rosemary gives better results on both tests. In the laboratory tests also found the existence of 1,8-cineole results in their blood, which is a compound found in rosemary oil.

Quoted from, (Tuesday, 04/09/2013) This compound has been found in previous studies. This compound proved to affect the chemical system in the body and have a positive impact on a person's memory.

"This discovery could treat people with memory disorders," said Jemma McCready, a researcher who is interested to learn about the rosemary.

"Since when, where to go, and what purpose underlies everything we do and we all occasionally experience minor failures in doing so, so frustrating and sometimes dangerous. Further studies are needed to investigate whether this treatment can be performed on people with old age who experience memory loss, "he continued.