H5N1 Attack Brain & Eyes

People affected by avian flu with 213 grade has clinical symptoms similar to poultry. This virus in birds are known to attack also the brain, heart and eyes. Therefore, should patients with stroke and cataracts also checked whether they were exposed to the bird flu virus?

"In the examination of poultry, filled with fatty heart. Happen In brain and blood clots," said molecular biologist at the University of Airlangga, Dr. DVM. Anwar Nidom, MS.

It was mentioned by him in the Avian Flu and Disaster Preparedness Workshop for Journalists in Horison Hotel, Jl Pakuan, Bogor, West Java, as quoted on Tuesday (09/04/2013).

"That had a stroke, cataracts, what should be suspected bird flu is that homework should be done soon," said Nidom.

According to Nidom, when the ducks would attack the ducks died suddenly. Viruses can also cause the lame duck or having tortikolisis. In addition it can also duck blind so do not know the way.

Nidom explained H1N1-H3N2 virus expose the upper respiratory tract. Whereas during the H1N1 pandemic ever found in the large intestine, but more prevalent expose the lungs and lower respiratory.

"H5N1 can be found in all organs. Due to the many cases of death due to organ failure," said Nidom.

He explained that there are a number of obstacles to overcome bird flu. For example, because the source of the virus in animals is still not under control, differentiation of clinical symptoms, as well as the absence or limitations of early diagnostic tool in the clinic or doctor.