Autism is Not a Mental Disorder

Children with autism often say dumb children, and some even consider it as a mental disorder. Some doctors are not giving enough 'attention' to it also considers autism occurs due to lack of parenting roles.

In order to celebrate the world of autism, Dr Dwidjo Saputro, Sp.KJ stated it was not true. He asserts that autistic children are not dumb or mental disorders.

"Children with autism are not stupid, it's just that he have problems in brain development.'s Also not a mental disorder. Was also not due to psychological causes, but many factors, one of which genetic or chromosomal aberrations. Consequently they are experiencing developmental delays," said Dr. Dwidjo Saputro, Sp . KJ, chairman of the Association of Child and Adolescent Mental Health (Akeswari).

He expresses it in a seminar held by the Ministry of Health with the theme of Accurate Diagnosis, Education Right and Strong Support For Autistic Children Creating the Future Better, Tuesday (04/09/2013), housed in the Ratna Puri Hotel Sahid Jaya Hotel, Jalan Mh Thamrin Kav 103, Jakarta.

Dr Dwidjo also added that 70 percent of children with Autism Spectrum Disorder (ASD) have an IQ of 20-70, but the rest have good cognitive. However, both are experiencing social disability.

He also revealed that not all children are gifted ASD, it all depends on the parents who educate and nurture him. ASD children should get full support from both parents to adapt.

Doctors say that this friendly innately ASD is not curable, but can be controlled and developed. With parenting and more attention from parents can make a child's ASD know their potential and self-confidence even autism.

"They could be confident although autism, family factors was decisive," added dr Dwidjo.

In this seminar also presented musical performances of the children with ASD. Some of them turned out to patients who successfully optimize Dwidjo dr despite her autism.