Parkinson, Unique and Mysterious Disease

Do you remember the names of these Moh. Ali was a world-class boxer? Or Michael J. Fox, a Hollywood actor, or maybe Brian Grant, a famous basketball player? Can you find their equations?

Yes, they are all people with Parkinson's. Parkinson's is a unique disease that still can not diagnose the exact cause.

"Parkinson's disease is unique, covering both the symptoms and signs of the disease varies greatly from patient to patient," said Dr. Diatri Nari Lastri, SpS (K). It is said in the discussion to commemorate World Parkinson's Day right today.

Located in the Energy Cafe, Energy Building Jl Gen. Sudirman Kav 52-53, Jakarta, the board took the theme of Art Parkinson: My Family. In this seminar was also attended by Dr. Banon Sukoandari, SPS as chairman of Parkinson Care Foundation Indonesia, as well as the president director Mike Chrichton Roche Indonesia.

Dr Diatri explained that until recently the number of people with Parkinson's in the world to reach 4 million people. "In the world of 4 million, while in the U.S. 1.2 million. For the number of visits each month at RSCM own visits there and 3-4 people 40-50 new patients per month," he explained.

He also said that the disease is caused by the progressive degeneration of nerve cells caused by the death of dopamine-containing substantia nigra. "Dopamine is a substance that can act ag nerve cells can communicate with each other, especially for the motor," said Diatri.

People with Parkinson's is usually diagnosed by the age of 50 years. "Usually the symptoms occur after a 60 percent damage to the brain and dopamine agents typically only 20 percent of it," he added. However, do not rule out the possibility that Parkinson attack at a young age.

Visible symptoms in people with Parkinson's are tremors on one side of the body. It is a symptom that occurs monotonous. Other impacts are also harmful to people with Parkinson's are suddenly fainted due to low blood pressure suddenly.

Parkinson's can not be cured. Hence, this disease will take a lifetime infected.